Fletchers Diesel Repair Inc.
42706 5th St. East
Lancaster, CA 93535


Who is Mike Fletcher?

Mike Fletcher has been around trucks his entire life. His parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles all have trucking companies. Mike went to school to be a truck mechanic, later working for Caterpillar, where he earned his certifications, and moved on to working for himself in 2000. Started of mobile with just himself and has grown to a 4 bay shop with 8 employees.
Here we are 12 years later and loving what he does.

MJ Tank Lines- Michael Doggett

Since the early 1970’s our families trucking company has been running Caterpillar engines exclusively. In 40 plus years of Cat experience finding a “Real Cat Man” is nothing short of impossible. Fletchers Diesel Repair has worked on them all, from my first 1693 TA, to all of my C-12’s thru C-15’s they have been nothing but remarkable. When it comes to our heavy line Cat work nobody touches our trucks except the crew at Fletchers. Nobody is better, and I mean Nobody!